A brief explanation of what we do, who we are and where is Arbtrust going.

Arbtrust is a high-tech quant fund that intermediates the negotiations of digital assets using a pure arbitrage strategy. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to respond to transaction opportunities immediately, and our returns rely on market volatility rather than the asset's value. Our proprietary algorithms, systems, and software have consistently operated globally for five years.

We are an American company in its third year of operations, with roots stretching back over a century to South America. We are a key affiliate of a group of companies operating in diverse industries, from banking and agriculture to software development and finance - but our commitment to innovation continues beyond there.

With a thriving software development division, our group of companies is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. In the past two years, Arbtrust delivered net returns of 27% - 29%, with liquidity of five days and a 30-day lockup.

Our quant fund operates on a unique arbitrage strategy, leveraging proprietary algorithms, systems, and software that have been consistently delivering returns for five years. Unlike traditional investment funds that rely solely on investment managers, our core management team is led by developers and IT engineers, ensuring a cutting- edge approach to the digital assets market.

Our fundamental analysis process involves identifying price discrepancies for the same asset that is being traded at the same time. Once the software highlights the biggest difference in price for the same asset across different markets, the algorithm works on matching price discrepant open buy and sell orders that can be executed simultaneously.

Our technical analysis process involves identifying assets with high trading volume that can be used in our arbitrage approach by maintaining and constantly updating our systems and connections.

As a cutting-edge technology-driven quant fund, we have a proven track record of delivering superior returns and a commitment to offering unheard-of liquidity to our clients. Our investment strategy does not depend on the asset's value but rather on the difference in the buying and selling offers for that specific asset. This means our returns are unaffected by the market's volatility, and our investors enjoy a low-risk, high-yield investment opportunity with high liquidity.

As the financial markets become increasingly volatile, it's understandable that investors are looking for safer, more reliable investment opportunities. The stock market's performance has been far from optimal, with unpredictable fluctuations by significant losses. Moreover, the banking system faces unprecedented crises, affecting everyone from small investors to high-net-worth individuals. In these uncertain times, investors need a resilient, robust investment strategy to generate consistent returns, regardless of market conditions.

Our customer-oriented approach puts you in complete control of your investment account. You can reinvest your returns, place withdrawal requests, make additional deposits, and watch our daily performance in real-time. Plus, our thirty-day soft lock-up period and five-day withdrawal period mean you have complete liquidity and can access your funds when needed.

At Arbtrust, we understand that security is a top priority for our clients. That's why we have a full risk management policy in place and additional layers of security, such as surety bonds issued by third-party companies and the massive structure of our parent companies that have been operating for over a century to ensure you have complete peace of mind.

Unlike traditional investment funds that rely solely on investment managers to identify trading opportunities, Arbtrust's core management team comprises developers and IT engineers. This unique approach enables us to leverage cutting-edge technology and respond to market conditions with unmatched speed and precision.

Arbtrust initiated operations in the United States at the beginning of 2021. Arbtrust is now in its third year of operations, with its headquarters in Miami's financial district, and operates through a third party infrastructure overseas as an independent fund under SEC Reg D, registered in the state of Florida.

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Arbtrust’s arbitrage operations are held and executed in Brazil. Everton Luis dos Santos leads our IT team, an expert with over seventeen years of experience in financial software development for banks and high-frequency trading companies across Latin America. Everton's expertise and insight enable us to maintain our systems' peak performance, security, and speed.  Our management team is composed of industry experts with decades of experience. Vittorio Rizotto, former director of Santander Bank, has over twenty years of experience in the banking and investment funds industry.

Arbtrust is well-positioned to deliver superior returns to our clients. Eduardo Sbaraini is one of the owners of our group of companies core business - the agriculture and commodities company. His assets are estimated to be around $2,000,000,000, their structure was one of the backbones that allowed the growth and development of the business.

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