As part of the Company's responsibility for the prevention of money laundering, the Company and theManager will require a detailed verification of an investor's identity and the source of the payment fromany person or business delivering completed Subscription Documents to the Company.

In order to comply with proposed regulations aimed at the prevention of money laundering in the UnitedStates, the Company is required to verify the identity of all prospective investors and the source of theirfunds, to the extent required under the USA PATRIOT Act, and to determine if such investors are ProhibitedInvestors (as defined in the Company's Subscription Documents) identified on the various lists maintained bythe U.S Government.

If the Company determines that any investor is a Prohibited Investor, the Companymay, among other things, freeze that investor's assets in the Company and notify appropriate legal authorities.

The Company and the Manager reserve the right to request documentation as they deem necessary to verifythe identity of a prospective investor and to verify the source of the relevant subscription amounts. Theamount of detail required will depend on the circumstances of each application for subscription.

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