Arbtrust is a high-tech quant fund that intermediates the negotiations of digital assets using a pure arbitrage strategy. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to respond to transaction opportunities immediately, and our returns rely on market volatility rather than the asset’s value.

Our proprietary algorithms, systems, and software Have successfully been operating globally for more than five years.

We are an American company in its third year of operations, with roots stretching back over a century to South America. We are a key affiliate of a group of companies operating in diverse industries, from banking and agriculture to software development and finance – but our commitment to innovation continues beyond there.

We are thriving at the forefront of cutting-edge technology with the assistance of our software development division.

In the past two years, Arbtrust delivered net returns ranging from 27% - 29%: the liquidity pertaining to our transfers are five days with no lockups. Our quant fund operates on a unique arbitrage strategy, leveraging proprietary algorithms, systems, and software that have been consistently delivering returns for five years.

Unlike traditional investment funds that rely solely on investment managers, our core management team is led by developers and IT engineers, ensuring a cutting edge approach to the digital assets market. Our fundamental analysis process involves identifying price discrepancies for the same asset that is being traded at the same time. Once the software highlights the biggest difference in price for the same asset across different markets, the algorithm works on matching price discrepant open buy and sell orders that can be executed simultaneously.​


What keeps us running.

We developed our own software and systems that have allowed us to sustain a high return rate for more than four years. The faster we are able to perform the transactions, the greater the return.
We are not only quick to execute and perform, our speed is also shown in the high liquidity of our fund. If you are not satisfied, you can withdraw your investment within five business days.

Efficient, transparent, and quick without penalty fees.


Full access in one dashboard.

Our unique user-friendly dashboard allows you to monitor the daily return rate through your own account with personal statements, withdrawals, and deposit-slips. You will be able to see our performance live.

We made investments easier — after all, it’s about you. We won’t trouble you with never-ending confusing arguments.
There are no long explanations and complicated terms to explain to you what we are doing – we are very clear about it.


Expertise that makes diference.

Is not only tied to our cutting edge technology, but also to the level of expertise and experience our team has.
At Arbtrust, we have an entire business developed for you in order to order to continue to sustain the performance we have been delivering.
With relentless research and development team, we continue to evolve to build more ways to mitigate inherent market risks in order to deliver a clear and accurate forecast—we do everything for you so you don’t need to worry about your investments.






Did you know that pure arbitrage transactions are considered much safer than the traditional concept of trading, widely used by hedge and mutual funds?

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If you do your own research, you will find out that the arbitrage strategy has been done for decades.

The Journal of Finance published by Harvard Business School in the 90s;

The pure arbitrage investment strategy is actually fundamental to make markets efficient. In essence, using this well-known strategy one does not buy and hold on to an asset until it gains value for a potential future sale - this is called trading. When trading is done, the market volatility presents a great risk for the investments.

When pure arbitrage is performed, it means that both transactions (buying and selling) are only executed if they happen at the same time, in different markets and at different prices – by doing this, we not only mitigate the risk of volatility but we also profit from it.

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