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Arbtrust Venture: From Commodities to Digital Assets Arbitrage – the Disruptive Quant Fund That Set Foot in Miami


Arbtrust Venture, a pioneering high-tech quant fund, recently celebrated its third year of operations in the U.S. with the inauguration of its new Miami office located at the prestigious Southeast Financial Center. With a heritage dating back to the 1940s when its founder's great-grandfather engaged in commodity arbitrage, the company has seamlessly transitioned its strategy to the digital era, demonstrating exceptional performance and innovation.

Arbtrust's distinguishing approach lies in its pure arbitrage strategy, focusing on immediate and simultaneous execution of transactions, resulting in impressive two-day liquidity and no lock-up period for investors. This strategy is a testament to its adaptability in an ever-evolving technological landscape, allowing it to maintain high liquidity even with digital assets.

Amidst historic lows in financial markets and heightened inflation rates in the U.S. economy, Arbtrust has consistently delivered noteworthy performance, yielding over 28% net annual returns in 2021 and 27% in 2022. Its proven track record extends to its South American operations, where the same fund has maintained exceptional performance since its inception in 2018.

Central to Arbtrust's philosophy is a customer-oriented approach that empowers clients with autonomy over their investments. Gabriel Storck, Director of International Operations, emphasizes the client's role in decision-making, highlighted by a user dashboard enabling real-time tracking of daily performance and monthly returns.

With a successful track record, forward-looking technology, and an unwavering dedication to its clients, Arbtrust Venture is poised to expand its operations and influence within the United States financial landscape.

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